Upon commissioning me, Celila also known as CelilasArt, you hereby agree to the terms laid out as follows:

  1. These commissions are for PRIVATE/PERSONAL USE only. They are strictly NOT for commercial purposes. (If you wish to commission me for Commercial Use, please send an email to commissions@celila.com for further discussion.)
  2. I, as the artist, will retain the copyright of the commissioned pieces.
  3. As I retain all the rights to the commissioned artworks, you, as the client, may only post the artwork if credit is given back to my website celila.com or my social media accounts @celilasart.
  4. You may NOT claim the commissioned artworks as YOUR OWN.
  5. You cannot cancel the commission(s) after you have paid me. I do not give full refunds, unless I am unable to start on the piece for any unforeseeable reason.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the piece in the end, I will not do any re-do’s nor will I give a refund. However, since I want you to be happy with your commission, I will provide progress shots at different stages of the creation process throughout the commission work. You will be given opportunities to ask for modifications/adjustments at these times before I continue.
  7. If I am not able to fully complete your commission due to unforeseeable circumstances while we’re still in the middle of the creation process, you will have the choice of either receiving the files of the work that I have done up to that point and a remaining refund, or a full refund but no files to be given.
  8. I will not start the commission until you have paid me either the full price or half price. If you decide to pay half first, I will only work as much as the half price is worth, and will only continue until I am paid the remaining half.
  9. Payments will only be done through PayPal. If you are in the EU, payment by bank transfer (SEPA transaction) is also possible.
  10. Large/major modifications may lead to additional charges for the client, based on the complexity/amount of modifications/additions requested. This will be discussed in detail with the client and may lead to an additional invoice which needs to be payed in full before modifications are carried out.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me at commissions@celila.com.

Find out more about the commission process here.